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Located at the base of Atitlan Volcano, Los Tarrales Natural Reserve has been known for its coffee growing and conservation efforts since it was purchased by the Burge family from Virginia, USA in 1940. With a production of more than 2,000,000 pounds of ripe coffee produced a year, Los Tarrales is able to provide jobs to hundreds of people all while protecting the abundant wildlife and 2,800 acres under its care.

Los Tarrales is an award winning farm both for the quality of its coffee and for their conservation efforts. Your purchase of this coffee either roasted or green directly supports their work. 

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Los Tarrales Raw Wildflower Honey (10 Oz)

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Enjoy some of our wonderful wildflower honey made here at Los Tarrales! Honey is one of the most adulterated products on the international market today. Our honey is pulled straight from the combs and passed through a strainer - no additional processes applied assuring the highest level of purity possible.

Our bees get their pollen from local flowering trees, plants and even coffee flower!

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