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Los Tarrales has a long history of coffee production. The farm itself has been around since before 1880 and has been used throughout time for the production of sugar cane, rubber, cardamon, coffee and more! Coffee however has been the one crop that has stood the test of time and is still in production to this day! 


Our 150 hectare plantation is all shaded and home to a number of traditional and experimental varieties. We have Caturra, Sarchimor, Costa Rica 95, Straube, Lempira, Columbia, Parinema, Marcellesa, Cuscatleco and Geisha!

Overall, our focus is preserving the wildlife that live in the area including a number of endangered species such as: Azure-Rumped Tanager, Great Currasow, Horned Guan, Yellow-Naped Parrot, Cougars, Margays and more. The production and sale of our coffee allows us to maintain this habitat and support the biologists and nature lovers who closely monitor their well being. Our impact on wildlife is so minimal that you can often see these endangered species living in our coffee plots! 

The majority of our coffees are full-washed, patio dried but we also process a certain quantity of our coffee using the natural or honey process method. 

Farm Details:

Finca Los Tarrales, La Chusita, El Vesubio

Altitude: 1,000 - 1,600 MASL

Shade: Inga

Process: Full-Washed, Natural, Honey

Dry: Patio, Guardiola, Raised Bed


7th Place Regional Competition Anacafé Traditional Atitlan 2018

6th Place Regional Competition Anacafé Honey Process 2018

2nd Place Regional Competition Anacafé Honey Process 2019

8th Place Regional Competition Anacafé Traditional Atitlan 2019

9th Place Regional Competition Anacafé Exotic Variety 2019

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